Legal Care for
Trench Accidents

Trenches pose a high risk of injury and fatality to construction workers if the proper safety measures are not in place to guard against cave-ins and other incidents. They are a cause of many injuries and fatalities every year because construction sites are not regulated properly.   

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Trench Accidents Causes

Below is a list of the different Trench accident categories. Victory Law Group, LLP will keep you informed of your case every step of the way.

  • Collapse/Cave-in – Improper shoring can cause a trench to collapse, leaving workers in the trench buried and crushed.
  • Fall – Workers can accidentally step and fall into an unguarded trench. They can also sustain an injury if they are standing on the lip of an improperly stored trench that gives way.
  • Heavy machinery falling into/collapsing trench – When heavy machinery strays too close to a trench, it can fall into the trench, injuring the workers within, or cause the trench to collapse with its sheer weight.

Injuries from trench accidents include traumatic brain injury, bone fractures, nerve damage, amputation, disfigurement, and even death.

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