Legal Care for Dangerous Road Condition Accidents

Finding the person at fault for most vehicle accidents is easy. If you are hit then the driver of the vehicle who hit you should pay for the repairs, medical bills, and any other damages. However, what if the car accident is due to dangerous road conditions? Some dangerous road conditions include:

  1. Construction zone negligence
  2. Inadequate signage
  3. Potholes
  4. Inadequate water draining
  5. Fences and other road fixtures that are too close to the road; and
  6. Poor road design.

Who is responsible for paying those damages? What are the legal options? How can the victim get the most compensation?

Experienced lawyers at Victory Law Group, LLP can help in answering all your questions. At Victory Law Group, LLP, the attorneys know that Dangerous Road Conditions injury claims can be complex and challenging to understand. We are not a lead generation company and you will speak directly with an attorney who will help you understand your legal situation in simple terms and provide you with all the information needed. Don’t feel lost; contact us NOW for immediate assistance.

The Government Is Responsible for Keeping the Roads Safe

If you were in a car accident that was caused by dangerous road conditions, the government entity in charge of maintaining road safety can be held responsible for all damages. It is the government’s duty to keep the roads reasonably safe. The amount of a victim’s compensation is determined by what is considered “reasonable.” The government has a reasonable amount of time to discover a dangerous road condition and a reasonable amount of time to fix the dangerous road condition. Thus, in order to succeed in a dangerous road condition claim against the government, you must be able to prove two factors:

  1. The government was aware of the dangerous road condition (or should have been aware of it), and
  2. The government did not repair the condition within a reasonable amount of time.

Both factors must apply in order to find the government liable for any damages caused by the dangerous road condition.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Winning Your Case

Victory Law Group, LLP fights cases from every angle and develops comprehensive legal strategies that yield positive results. Call us today so that we can win your dangerous road conditions claim against the government. We will fight your case by:

  • Retaining the services of civil engineers, road safety specialists, and accident reconstruction professionals who will examine the conditions that led to the accident and provide persuasive testimony in court
  • Examining government survey records to establish whether the condition was discovered or not; and
  • Researching the region of the accident thoroughly to prove the government’s negligence.

Don’t Pay Anything Until You Get Results

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