Legal Care for
Amusement Park Accidents

California has some of the best amusement parks in the world.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are accidents that happen to young or old patrons or customers of the amusement parks.

Whether you have been injured at

  1. California Adventure;
  2. Knott’s Berry Farm;
  3. Six Flags Magic Mountain;
  4. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom;
  5. Universal Studios;
  6. SeaWorld;
  7. Legoland;
  8. California’s Great America;
  9. Downtown Disney;
  10. Gilroy Gardens;
  11. Belmont Park;
  12. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk;
  13. Waterworld California;
  14. Children’s Fairlyand;
  15. Adventure City or
  16. Raging Waters

Victory Law Group, LLP can assist you in recovery of damages for significant injuries and in extreme cases of loss of life.

Because of premises liability, it is the responsibility of amusement parks, owners and management to provide an environment that is safe for customers.  The amusement park owners must be able to keep the grounds in a safe condition and fix any amusement park hazards.  Amusement parks are also responsible for ensuring that all the equipment and rides are safe for use, whether it be for private use or public use.  The amusement parks are also responsible for properly training employees, agents and other operators of the amusement park rides.

Amusement Park Personal Injury Cases

There are many types of amument park injury cases that give rise to a lawsuit at a theme park.  If it can be shown that park operators, owners or agents were negligent, and did not provide a safe environement for park vistors, they can be at fault and your can recover damages.

Victory Law Group, LLP is committed to ensuring those that are the victims of negligence from unsafe conditions at an amusement park get the proper care and results they deserve.  Victory Law Group, LLP’s amusement park injury lawyers are ready to help you see justice served.

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If you were injured or know someone that lost their life and there is a wrongful death case, you need to speak with an amusement park lawyer today. 

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