Legal Care for
Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving commercial vehicles are common since there are so many of them on the streets, roadways, and/or freeways of California. They transport goods, make deliveries, shuttle between job sites and get people from point A to point B. If you’ve been in an accident with a commercial vehicle on an open road, highway, loading dock or in a parking lot, contact Victory Law Group, LLP today.

Commercial vehicle operators and their employers are held to higher standards than other vehicle operators, so don’t hesitate in contacting the experienced auto accident and personal injury attorneys at Victory Law Group, LLP.  We can help you determine who is at fault and who is liable for your damages and/or losses. We work with highly qualified and experienced investigators that will determine if fault lies with the commercial vehicle operator due to human error or mechanical failure.

Victim Rights in a Commercial Vehicle Collision

The party at fault is liable for all damages, and must provide a full and fair compensation to the victim so that they can reestablish their standard of living. The victim is entitled to compensation for property damage, medical treatment, pain and suffering, current and future loss of earnings, future medical and rehabilitation expenses and diminished quality of life. Most commercial vehicle drivers have insurance policies with higher limits which mean that they can offer a higher compensation. Victory Law Group, LLP can help you determine who is at fault, whether it’s the driver, truck owner, manufacturer, the government or other negligent third party.

Wrongful Death As a Result of a Commercial Vehicle Collision

Some collisions involving commercial vehicles result in death. This tragic event is grounds for a lawsuit that can grant the victims financial compensation.  There are high costs when a life is lost. Also, there is pain and suffering from the loss of life in addition to economic hardship. If the victim is the head of a household, it can be even more difficult to become financially stable again. Let Victory Law Group, LLP handle your commercial vehicle accident and we will aggressively fight for you in your wrongful death suit.

Whose is at Fault in a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

A distracted or negligent driver or a mechanical failure can be the cause of a commercial vehicle collision.  Victory Law Group, LLP’s experienced attorneys can determine the liability and who should be held at fault. We will fight for you to bring the liable party to justice, whether it is a vehicle manufacturer, distributor, retailer, governmental entity and/or driver.

The most common factors in a commercial vehicle accident are:

  1. Mechanical defect
  2. Human error and/or
  3. Environmental issues.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a commercial vehicle collision, whether you have injuries or your loved one lost their life, contact Victory Law Group, LLP today. We have the best auto accident and personal injury attorneys and we will help you get a full and fair compensation from the liable and/or negligent party.