Legal Care for
Hit & Run Accidents

A hit and run accident is a serious criminal offense. If you are a victim of a hit and run collision, contact Victory Law Group, LLP immediately. We are an experienced personal injury, contingency based law firm and we will protect your interests.  A hit and run collision can cause its victims to receive immediate medical attention that must be performed by EMTs at the scene. They can cause long-term rehabilitation as well.

The most common cause of hit and run collisions is distracted driving. Accidents are very common, but fleeing from the scene is a criminal offense that will prove negligence in a trial for damages against the negligent party. Victory Law Group, LLP has the best personal injury attorneys and they are determined to get their clients the maximum compensation from the negligent party for medical costs, expenses, and lost income from work due to the collision.

Victory Law Group, LLP will gather the appropriate evidence and facts against the negligent party

We will obtain evidence like:

  • background checks and investigations that may determine a history of negligence by the party that is liable
  • video evidence of the events that took place to support your claim
  • witness and professional statements/testimony that can confirm your timeline of events and testify to the severity of your injuries

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Victory Law Group, LLP does not require any payment until a settlement is reached in your favor. We are the best auto accident attorneys and we begin working immediately on our clients cases to ensure that they get immediate medical attention when needed. Medical services are performed by licensed medical professionals at a medical facility and are available to you regardless of the cost or duration of treatment. Our attorneys will fight for you to get the compensation for expenses caused by injuries which include:

  1. Injury to the spine
  2. Broken or fractured bones
  3. Damage to internal organs and/or
  4. Paraplegia and/or quadriplegia

Victory Law Group, LLP’s experienced auto accident and personal injury attorneys will do all negations with insurance companies and the negligent party’s counsel. Our attorneys understand the legal terms, technicalities, and nature of claims of compensation and reimbursement, which will ensure the best interests of our client’s. Contact us today and we will travel to your home or hospital to ensure you are resting and focusing on your recovery.

Why Contact Victory Law Group, LLP?

We will pursue any form of legal action against all negligible parties to make sure that our clients receive the maximum compensation for their injuries, damages and/or losses. We are motivated and will aggressively attain the most favorable resolution for our clients. Our experienced auto accident and personal injury lawyers will work effortlessly to ensure you a fair compensation. Victory Law Group, LLP prides themselves on being honest and ethical attorneys, while providing effective and aggressive representation of their clients.