Legal Care for
Explosion Victims

If you have been injured in a construction site explosion accident while performing your job duties, contact Victory Law Group, LLP today and let us get you medical coverage and other benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance program. Insurance claims are very complex and tedious, so don’t waste your time fighting and let us do all the negotiations for you. Let us get you the maximum compensation you deserve to make your recovery process easier.

Call Victory Law Group, LLP today and get a free consultation. Let us guide you through the steps in recovering your damages and/or losses from an explosion accident. We are a contingency based law firm so no payment is required up front. No fees are due until you receive a favorable settlement.

Explosions at Construction Sites Causes

Construction sites are rife with hazards and can cause severe injury if neglected or mishandled. Explosions at a construction site can be caused by:

  1. Gas leaks
  2. Faulty electrical wiring
  3. Faulty heavy duty equipment and/or
  4. Flammable materials

Federal and state regulations require employers to maintain safe working environments. There are many construction-related fatalities that could have been prevented if the employer was not negligent. 

Compressed Gas Explosions

Compressed cylinders of extremely flammable gases can be found at most construction sites. Acetylene is used to power the welding, cutting, brazing, and soldering of metal, while propane is often used to fuel forklifts and other heavy machinery. Both gases are dangerous on their own and can cause explosions. Compressed gas can also cause chemical burns, poisoning, and asphyxiation.

The production and storage of compressed gas cylinders are regulated. Manufacturers and employers are legally bound to inspect and test cylinders for faults. They must also store the cylinders properly. Bottles should be chained to walls to prevent breakage and stored in the shade to prevent overheating. All workers on site must receive proper training on how to safely use and handle gas bottles. Let Victory Law Group, LLP’s personal injury attorneys get you the maximum compensation you deserve in your explosion claim. We will fight to bring the negligent party to justice. Contact us today and get a free consult.