Legal Care for
Forklift Accidents

If you have been involved in a forklift accident and are struggling with expenses contact Victory Law Group today. We will let you know where you stand and will be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed. We will aggressively fight to get you full and fair compensation for your forklift accident.

Causes of Forklift Accidents

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires forklift operators to be 18 or older and complete an approved certification program before they can operate a forklift. Employers are obligated to uphold these employment standards and environmental safety standards. Negligence can cause injuries as well as fatal forklift accidents.

Common causes of forklift accidents are:

  1. Inadequate training
  2. Faulty equipment
  3. Unsafe working conditions, such as inadequate lighting or blind spots
  4. Excessive loads
  5. Improper maintenance and/or
  6. Poor operating techniques

To prevent forklift accidents, employers, supervisors and employees should ensure:

  • All devices on the forklift, including safety mechanisms, are sufficient and functional;
  • Controls and displays are well laid out and visible;
  • Only trained operators are assigned forklift duties;
  • All OSHA regulations are being respected;
  • Any defects are repaired before a forklift is put back into operation;
  • Employers undertake preventive maintenance of the forklift per manufacturer operations; and
  • Paths are free of obstructions that impact visibility or otherwise present a hazard.

Liability of a Forklift Accident

If the forklift accident occurred while you were performing your job duties, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefit, which may be medical care, rehabilitation and disability coverage, and death coverage in the unfortunate case of a fatal accident. Nevertheless, non-economic damages cannot be granted through workers’ compensation and you cannot file an injury claim against your employer.

If a third party, like an operator from another company or the manufacturer of a defective forklift are to blame for your forklift accident then you can pursue a personal injury claim in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. Contact Victory Law Group today and let us handle your forklift accident claim. We have the best personal injury attorneys and we will ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your injuries and/or losses.