Legal Care for
Family & Medical Leave Issues

In general, an employee does not need to contact an attorney to discuss medical or disability related leave that is protected under the Family Medical Leave Act. The FMLA federal law requires employers to give eligible employees time off for either health or caretaking reasons. Once an employee asks for time off that may qualify as FMLA leave, the employer should provide the employee information about their rights under the federal law, provide the forms to complete, and let you know the rights for maintaining your health insurance and returning to work. However, an employer may not know these rules or may not follow them. If your employer is pressuring you to return to work, is using your FMLA leave against you, or denying you time off, you should contact an attorney right away. Victory Law Group, LLP is prepared to offer you legal advice based on your situation and help you through the process.

Denied Medical or Disability Related Leave?

If your employer is refusing to let you take an FMLA leave that you are legally entitled to, the employer is potentially breaking the law. There are a few ways an employer may break the law regarding the leave:

  • Termination of the employee during FMLA leave
  • Denial, discouragement, or interference with the right to take FMLA leave
  • Termination of employee after a complaint that their FMLA rights are being violated

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The Victory Law Group, LLP employment attorneys are prepared to help employees successfully make claims for violations made towards their FMLA leave. If you feel that you were terminated or discriminated against for exercising your entitled right for FMLA leave, contact us today.